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Eric Bar-ChenEric Bar-Chen - Director

Trading manager
Product sourcing
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R.B.Capricorn International Enterprises Ltd, which was founded in 1999, is a sourcing agency for organic and health food and organic animal feed bulk raw materials.

The company has developed a worldwide network of suppliers over the years and has the capability of locating a wide range of products for its clients. Suppliers are selected carefully, based on reliability, quality of goods and competitive prices.

Although we supplied mainly to the developing Israeli market at the start of our activity, we have since found markets in all corners of the globe for our products and now have many satisfied clients around the world.

Our offerings include a complete range of organic raw materials for human consumption and for animal fodder, as well as many organic retail items. Private label options are also available.

Many conventional (non-organic) food ingredients are also available through our company, especially for the confectionery and ice cream industries. 



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